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Sandy Seats from Sandy Feet

Spring Break

  • A bed for your keg
  • A lounge to laze on
  • A cup-holding throne
  • A big friendly sofa

(The guys with the couches get the chicas ;)


  • A sandy loveseat for a photo shoot
  • A custom alter
  • Special pews for family members
  • Aisle-defining Pillers for attaching flowers

Combine with group sandcastle lessons and/or custom centerpieces

Beach Parties

Birthdays, Retirement, Graduation, Memorial Service, Anniversary, Reunion...
any excuse for a gathering!

Front Row Beach Seats - Created on South Padre Island, Just for YOU!

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Sofas, loungers, thrones, tables (dining or end), benches, bars, alters, speaker stands, insulated keg koozies... what layout does your specific group of beach-lovers need? Get your stuff off the ground! Created in any configuration -- from sand and water only. We can furnish the crew to build it for you or we can provide you with the equipment and coaching that will allow you to build it yourself!

Customizable in an endless number of ways with your name, logo, school, URL, etc. Built-in cupholders, stratigically placed! We'll do it for you - or bring the tools and show you how.

Cool and Comfy and Built to Last a full beach day on into the evening or as long as a week - with minimal upkeep*

Rates start as low as $100 (build it yourself, we provide equipment and coach) or $200 (we bring a team and build it for you). We offer gift certificates- treat someone you love to a comfy lounger or couch the next time they visit South Padre Island!

sandy thrones for all sizes
sandy throne for the birthday boy!

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* With normal usage your sandy furniture should last for several days. Covering surfaces with your blankets or towels will keep them from drying out and generally keep other folks off of them. Just splash with water if they start getting crumbly.

< Sample configuration: 2 lounges, one couch and 2 tables (pictured below) can be created by a fast-moving 3-person team in about two hours. That means this configuration would cost $400 if we do it, or as little as $100 if you have some physically-fit guys or gals willing to shovel, tote water and pack sand for an hour...

sandy lounges for him and her
His & Her Lounges

Sandy couch accommodates big guy
a sandy couch big enough for the big guys

What Else Do We Do?
(glad you asked!)

Sand Castle Lessons
Available year-round for adults, older kids or mixed age groups. Achieve Sand Castle Wizardry! -- designed to appeal to "kids" of all ages

Learn from the lady who wrote the book. Build towers, walls and arches with the greatest of ease. Carve windows, balconies, doors, stairs and tunnels using simple tools which we provide. A super fun, super inexpensive individual or group activity - book online! more info

extended sand castle lesson

Logo Stones, Pot Heads and Garden Art

The perfect gift for the SPIslander who has everything (except a sandy feet original!)

sandy feet logo stone

Marriage proposal sculptures, wedding sculptures, happy birthday/anniversary/retirement sculptures,
memorial sculptures, etc. etc.

Vacation Rentals at the SandBox Inn

The SandBox Inn Guest House

Drive/Ride/Stroll on by

and take a look at the constantly-evolving sand sculpture garden in the front yard of the SandBox Inn - 117 E. Saturn Lane, South Padre Island. This dog-friendly vacation rental is like nothing else on South Padre Island. Stay with sandy feet and get a free sandcastle lesson!

Happy Holidays!

Addressing all of your sand sculpture needs in South Padre Island, Texas and the world since 1987...

Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga has taught tens of thousands of people how to build a better sand castle through private lessons and via her best-selling book - Sand Castles Made Simple. She creates custom beach billboards for all occasions, sandy furniture and semi-permanent garden sculptures at her sandcastle-themed guest house - The SandBox Inn - located on beautiful South Padre Island, TX.

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